About Us

Clever Make Funny Productions Ltd is the brainchild of Steve Cross, founder of Bright Club and Science Showoff.

Dr Steve Cross is a nerd.

We take scientists, engineers, researchers, historians, medical professionals and anyone else with expertise to share and stories to tell, and make them hilarious.

Clever Make Funny Productions Ltd is a private limited company, listed at Companies House under Company Number 10904857.

Example projects

Science Showoff

Since 2011 we’ve been curating lineups of hilarious science people old and new for live audiences across the UK. Science Showoff has filled the Bloomsbury Theatre, run at the Edinburgh fringe and graced the BlueDot Festival comedy stage.

Never Explain

Experts fight it out for comedy gold in a gameshow format online and in real venues. This show has run throughout the COVID lockdown, helping new talent get a first chance to be funny from their homes.

Bedtime Stories for Very Young Engineers

We’re working with Dr Anna Ploszajski to help UK engineers tell better bedtime stories about their work. Funded by an Ingenious Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Bring us your silliest ideas, and we’ll make them happen.

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