What’s On: July 1st 2018

July 1st 2018
The new Chaotic Adequate guest-stars Kimberley Anne Freeman and features some of my most ruthless comedic trashing of a sword and sorcery world yet. Download quick www.chaoticadequate.com
on Tuesday I’m hosting a lineup of brilliant scientists and comedians at The Royal Society https://royalsociety.org/science-events-and-lectures/2018/07/lates-ghosts-of-science/
Thursday I’ll be talking about the cleverest fundraising move a charity ever made at the British Museum http://www.britishmuseum.org/whats_on/events_calendar/event_detail.aspx?eventId=4509
On Friday and Saturday I’ll be mocking the future with Lydia Nicholas and Alex Lathbridge at FutureFest https://www.futurefest.org/augmented-hilarity-sat-2
If you’re thinking ahead, grab a ticket for my night of sport-themed (contains no sport) improvised science comedy The No-Ball Prizes Four on Thursday 19th and the re-birth of the nonsense science panel show Never Explain – The worst-behaved science comedy panel show on Monday 23rd.