Christmas 2022


Have your workplace asked you to organise “a quiz or something” for your colleagues?

It’s a good thing you know a group of people who specialises in making silly online and real-world experiences and events for people who work together.

Whether you can get together with your colleagues in person or not, we can make you hilarious and silly quizzes, on-the-nose comedy shows, team games that get you creating nonsense together, gameshows and even roleplaying experiences. Just let us know what you and you colleagues / PhD cohort / mates / Dungeons and Dragons party are into and we’ll make it happen.

We’ve made bespoke Christmas experiences for the Lancet, the Academy of Medical Sciences, Imperial College, the Royal College of Nursing, the Crick Institute, Nesta and many more. This year we want to work with YOU!

Previous feedback: “Thank you very much for this activity. It was crazy.” – Imperial College PhD student

Drop us a line on . Our prices are very very reasonable because we know no-one’s got any money since Brexit and COVID and Tories and all that.


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